Licensed in Ohio since 1977, Robert L. Hesch, CPA (Bob) works with businesses and entrepreneurs from around the Cincinnati region to keep an eye on their finances and prepare their taxes. Specializing in small business tax and financial planning and accounting services for over forty years, Bob has a consultant to nonprofits, restaurants, manufacturers, auto dealerships, contractors, trucking and fulfillment businesses.

CPA and MBA for over 40 Years

"I didn't realize how badly my books were being kept until I hired Bob to review my taxes. After Bob handled a request from the IRS to audit my past tax year and cleared up my financial records, he referred me to a banker who doubled my Line of Credit. It is the best decision I have made thus far, without question." - Chris

"The IRS was requesting that a large tax assessments be paid when I hired Bob to review my taxes and financial records. After Bob amended my past tax returns, my liability was reduced by almost $40,000.” - Tom

“Bob was referred to me after 13 years in business. I was almost ready to sell my business and retire, but there were questions about registration in Ohio and Kentucky. When Bob completed the Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, we became current on tax filings without penalties and registered in the states necessary to collect on substantial receivables. Bob made it happen - we sold the business and collected our receivables." - David

 Bob has earned specializations including certifications as a CPA in Ohio, as well as graduating with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Kentucky in 1975 and, more recently, an MBA from Northern Kentucky University with specialization in Finance and Project Management in 2005.  With over 45 years of individual, partnership and S Corporation tax experience and 25 years of leadership in multi-state and local jurisdictions' income and sales taxation, Bob is well trained to manage your tax and financial needs.

Certified Public Accountant - CPA, OH CPA.09998