Bob Hesch has been preparing personal and business, income, and estate tax returns for 40 years.  Tax reporting becomes difficult for individuals who have compensation, property and/or businesses in several statea and locales.  Specializing in multi-state taxation, we have prepared income, sales and property tax returns in 45 states over the past 20 years.

Bob also has the knowledge and experience to deal with local tax jurisdictions and their multiple tax tiers – some taxing income, some taxing gross receipts and some requiring a minimum fee, often with punitive penalties.  Local tax preparation may be required to obtain refunds of excess withholdings due to days worked outside the city or allocation of losses among several locales.   

Fees are competitive and reasonable.  Additional phone calls are included in our fee structure.  Special projects are bid separately, so costs are known, up front.

Affiliations and Memberships----


    American Insititute of Certified Public Accounts


    Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants




Maintaining Competent Tax and Financial Services

It's no secret that good record keeping is key for maintaining a successful life and business. Your financial records assist you to manage your life better, allowing for informed decisions and long-term planning.  

For a start-up business, your monthly financial statements are your most important management tool.  It is imperative to be on top of required federal, state and local filings, structuring your business and personal life to optimize your assets and avoid unnecessary costs.  We can discuss your growth and future value.  

With over forty years of exceptional tax and accounting experience Bob has served as consultant and mentor to many business principals and owners.

Robert L. Hesch, CPA provides a range of reliable tax and financial services, keeping your personal financial needs in order so you have more time to tend to your family and your customers, growing your business. Whether you are retiring, thinking about future retirement, concerned about you exiting business or considering starting a new business, you'll appreciate our valuable financial and tax planning services.